Climber's Prosthetic Leg Stolen During Break-In

Climber's Prosthetic Leg Stolen During Break-In
Carsen Taylor of Ogden, Utah, had his right leg amputated in October 2014 after a large rock landed on top of him during a climbing accident. It took almost two years for Taylor to get a specialized prosthetic leg that would enable him to climb once again. This past Tuesday that prosthetic limb, along with a bag full of his climbing gear and his car stereo, were stolen from the 24-year-old's vehicle. Now he is begging the community to help him find his leg so that he can return to the activity that has given him freedom and continue to enjoy his passion.

Taylor was re-introduced to climbing after two of his friends from work continued pestering him for almost two months following his accident. Once they got him to The Front Climbing Club, the local climbing gym, they couldn't get him to leave. That feeling has stayed with Taylor for years to follow, rekindling his passion and giving him a positive outlook for the future again. 

"Its meaning hasn't changed for me. I don't want to let it get me down." Taylor said in an interview with Ogden's Standard-Examiner. "Just because I ran into some misfortune shouldn't mean I should give up one of my favorite things to do."

While Taylor refuses to let the break-in stop him from climbing, he's now forced him to climb with only one leg once again.

The stolen prosthetic costs upward of $12,000 and was made specifically for rock climbing. It's custom fit to its user, making it useless to anyone else.

"In my mind, it's probably in the bottom of a dumpster somewhere," Taylor told a local news station, "which sucks but if they want to bring it back they can have my stereo. I don't care."

If anyone has any information about the break-in, please contact the Roy Police Department at (801) 774-1010.


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