A Lover's Journey To Send An Impossible Project: Orbayu Film Review

A Lover's Journey To Send An Impossible Project: Orbayu Film Review
When it comes to romance there's nothing quite like shared suffering to forge a solid bond, and Northern Spain's Picos de Europa mountain range makes the perfect setting for a secluded romantic getaway. For Nina Caprez and Cedric Lachat, partners in both climbing and life, a summer project in 2014 would manifest into a short-but-compelling documentary that captured the quiet beauty of common bonds and common struggles, particularly against unadulterated nature.

Their task was to conquer thirteen pitches of the trying limestone behemoth, Orbayu. Nearly 1,700 feet of climbing complicated by finicky weather and a sudden dense fog that swallows and drenches climbers, forcing a more instinctual kind of belaying rooted in trust and guided by feel. Hearing the scream of your partner as they slip from a hold has to jostle the nerves, at least until the protection catches. Difficulties of the pitches range from 5.12 - 5.14 with long runouts between bolts and mixed areas using miniscule pieces of pro.

Nevertheless, Lachat and Caprez handle their frustrations well, grinding it out on the blank faces of Orbayu. Each day they pushed further, until it defeated them and sent them away obsessing over what pitches won the day.

"I'm close, I'm so close," Nina yells out in the beginning of the film.

Their agony is conveyed adequately and balanced by the light-hearted music that accompanies the film. It's clear Orbayu is chipping away at them as they chip away at it, but it ultimately feels playful. And while most reviews have a tendency to spoil things, purely for self-serving reasons, I won't do that to you.

If you want to know if Lachat and Caprez were able to complete the Orbayu project, you're going to have to watch their doc below:

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